Marquee Cleaning

As a marquee company, your days are hectic—especially during the busy season. The last thing you should have to worry about is whether you have a clean inventory of marquees. 

Our marquee cleaning service helps increase efficiency by eliminating the time and frustration of hand washing your dirty canvas. Let us do the dirty work for you and give your customers the sparkling white canvas they expect.

In a lot of cases customers have told us that letting us do their cleaning for them has worked out more cost effective than doing it themselves once they have taken into consideration the labour costs, electricity, cleaning chemicals and fuel or gas used for the drying process.

We have the ability to clean marquee sections of up to 5 meters wide and up to 30 meters in length, our machines have been born out of the exacting requirements of marquee professionals and have the versatility to thoroughly clean sides, roofs and gables.

At Signature Marquees, we have the best marquee washing machines on the market. Marquees washed in our machines leave the process not just clean, but 100% dry – ready for storing, or going right back into service.

Marquee Cleaning

Stage 1 - Loading and Set-up

Your roofs, walls or gables are unpacked and loaded out onto a feeding table. The machines grip clips are then relocated to suit your style of cover.

Stage 2 - Pre-wash Treatment

During the prewash stage your dirty cover is gently pulled through the dip tank and onto the top roller, ensuring that it has full submersion in the prewash chemicals. Using a concentrated dip tank eliminates the need for lengthy sinking and soaking. This method of prewash treatment ensures minimal chemical wastage, and thus more sustainable.

Stage 3 - The Wash

To start the wash process, the sheet is unrolled through specialist brushes to the holding bay below. Our machines uniquely use individual electric motors to control each brush, which enables us to tune the speed of rotation to the perfect speed to optimise cleaning results, depending on the condition of the cover.

Stage 4 - Rinsing and Drying

Using high pressure pumps and the water filteration system, our machines are able to thoroughly rinse your covers removing all traces of chemicals and residues, whilst saving water through a recycling process.

To improve the drying process to ensure that your covers are 100% dry, we have specifically designed the fans and ducts to not only provide amazing results but to operate more efficiently too by using ‘air blade technology’.

Stage 5 - Folding and Packing Away

In the final stage of the cleaning process, your cover is unrolled from the machine where it is folded and then packed away with the confidence that it is thoroughly clean and 100% dry.

You can also be secure in the knowledge that our washing machine has been designed and built to improve the longevity of your marquees, be more energy and water efficient thus reducing your companies carbon footprint.

Please email us your cleaning requirements and we will be happy to provide you with a no obligation quotation.  Collection and delivery service is available if required.