Beautifully erected for a single occasion wedding, marquees offer a unique atmosphere and embody the specialness of your wedding day.

Wedding marquees are flexible and with a marquee almost anything is possible- the shape, the theme, you can stamp your character on your special day in the way you choose unlike in a fixed venue where restrictions to size, shape and decoration apply. The biggest advantage for many however is the option of holding your wedding where you feel most comfortable –  at home.

Marquee Decorations: Styles

Each wedding day is different in some way, there is no ‘right’ style for decorating your wedding marquee. A classic white wedding theme is popular but can be transformed into a unique evening celebration with spectacular lighting effects.

Marquee Decorations: Layout

It takes careful planning for the layout of your marquee, this is particularly important for weddings when the impression on the guests needs to be absolutely right. We can help you establish the best layout including space for a reception area, buffet tables, position of the bride and groom, access for catering staff and the all important dance floor! We can put our experience at your disposal when considering layout options.


We recognise that your wedding is a day you never want to forget- and for the right reasons! We take particular care to ensure that the marquee can accommodate proposed guests, the size and layout will work for your day and that the layout and position of the marquee will function well with catering, heating and electrical requirements.


‘Everything we dreamed of and more. Signature Marquees took all our stress away. Even though I was bridezilla’

‘I think every single guest must have commented on the marquee and how posh it was. It was like a fairytale wedding’

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